skinny dip record

Several thousand women descended on an Irish beach on Saturday wearing smiles, body paint and not much else.  In total, 2505 women helped to set the world record.

This I find was a wonderful event, organized as a cancer fund raiser for children with cancer, and also to empower women to take ownership of their bodies.

Well done Ladies.

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For those who have cancer, they're taking ownership of their bodies again," event organizer Dee Featherstone, a cancer survivor, told the Irish Times. "A lot of women said that the experience really changed their lives."
Participants in the swim, an annual event, raised money for Aoibheann's Pink Tie, a charity that supports children with cancer. Over the first five years, the swims raised about $180,ooo, the Irish Times reported. A crowdfunding page showed that this year's swim had raised about $13,500 in donations. Proceeds from a registration fee of 10 euros per person — about $12 — would also go to charity.
Featherstone told the Times that after receiving a cancer diagnosis in 2012, she tried to "take the scariness out of it for everyone." She held a "chemo party" for friends and started a blog to chronicle her experience.
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The Glenmore said...

That is extra brave to skinny dip in Ireland.I've swam in the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea and it is FREEZING!

Anonymous said...

Real credit to the ladies for skinny dipping in the Irish Sea. Not exactly Florida. Brrr


Red said...

The glenmore: As have I. Fun when the water is cold. I have also swam in the North Sea, the Mediterranean in April, and many other very cold waters. This was for a great cause.

Matt: definitively not Florida
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