significant thought for today

This one is EXTREMELY TRUE......
I think everyone always have some regrets, no matter how many wonderful things that we did do. It is a matter of perspective.
wish my spankings had started when we were first married
 bottoms up



Anonymous said...

There are some nice pictures this time, especially the one of Mrs Crystal and her husband steven (the last picture but two). They have posted several videos on the web, which are well worth looking at. She seems to be bigger than he is and she is strict with him. In most of their videos she paddles him very hard indeed, I doubt if he sits down very much for the next couple of days.

Red said...

A hard paddling will make it difficult for anyone to sit afterwards. If you know of this spanker having a website, please let me know and I will post a link on her photo.
bottom sup

Anonymous said...

The blog of is Mrs Crystal and steven is at:


Red said...

anon: thanks for the link