planning the next trip gets me caned

As you can imagine, we have been home for more than three weeks, so a new and different vacation is in order. This type of vacation can get me spanked, and it always has.

The reason:
I blame it on Cindy's impatience, but I am the one that gets spanked.

I try to set an agenda, then show Cindy various possibilities on the big screen desktop computer, and the problem develops. We think differently, and I may be looking for one thing, while she is wanting me to click somewhere else.

click on ...., but it is a big screen, with lots of data, and who knows where she is looking. The longer we play with possibilities, the more annoyed we sometimes get.

End result: we accomplished a lot, but with enough annoyance that I suggested she spank me. Right! I went and retrieved the teachers' type cane (crooked handle), bared my bottom, and bent over the back of the sofa.
Many cane strokes, some quite significant, and fast, and I was truly regretting purchasing the canes from Ronnie. http://ronniesoul.blogspot.com/p/buy-ronnies-canes-here.html Unfortunately, I do not think she is selling them anymore, as her supplier has retired.

I moved up much higher onto my toes, to move the cane from caning the same area too long. I am uncertain if Cindy noticed, outside of now she had a white area to cane harder. When finished, I thanked her for the caning. My bottom was sore the remainder of the afternoon and evening, and it makes me clench my cheeks when typing this.

This happened two days ago, and today we once again worked on the trip. I was much more prepared, with alternatives, and decisions already made, so that all went well. No spanking.

Yesterday, we made exhilarating love.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

We have the same problem when looking at something on the computer. for some reason I can't tell what she is looking at. I solved it by giving her control of the mouse. But it didn't help, she said when I did that I was being a smart ass and when we were done she told me the wooden spoon and belt were calling me. Went into the bedroom got the spoon and belt out then stripped and laid on the bed waiting for her. 10 minutes later she came in and said I hope you are comfortable as this is going to take a while. Half an hour later and after many ouches and ows and kicking it was over.

Anonymous said...

I think Red and archedone could go to a travel agent for trip planning. But I don't think the planning process would be as fun.


Red said...

archedone: I doubt we can ever win on this score, but it does get us spanked, and we have another vacation planned, so maybe we did win. Better to have the spanking however, without the aggravation.
Matt: never anywhere near the fun, not the lower prices you can find by browsing around the internet.
bottoms up