What mood is your partner in today?
Unhappy with your household chores
 intent on dealing with it.
Actually, thrilled of having the opportunity of dealing with it.
Maybe she JUST wants everyone to know that you are submissive to her
and maybe she wants to display a feature of your relationship
Don't ask!!! You do not want to know the answer...
Have fun contemplating a dominant woman's moods
bottoms up



Baxter said...

Yesterday, we were both tired from getting home very late from a jazz concert. We had to take our trailer to the RV dealership to have something fixed. When we got home, backing the trailer off the street and into the garage was not good, being tired and all. Once I finally got it in, she came out and was yelling at me about how I had backed the other trailer in so well and what was my problem with this one. Words were exchanged and I told her to fuck off. Any way later we were on the bed napping and I apologized to her and suggested she give me a spanking for it. Handed her the paddle and shoe horn and she gave me a very hard spanking with both implements. We were in a better mood after that. My butt was on fire, but it was deserved. I love my wife of 35 years.

loved sissy maid said...

oh my. the picture from proud modern woman catches my eye. what did her hubby do. she looks like shes about to have a fun evening.

QBuzz said...

'She's in the mooooooooooood for spanking... and wanking' (if he's a good boy and takes his punishment well :D

Red said...

Baxter: wonderful method to solve the problem, instead of staying angry or quarrelling. Those words used definitely merit a very strong spanking.

loved: most likely a severe spanking

Qbuzz: a very likely outcome
bottoms up