fun things on vacation

well, we saw puffins, humpback whales, icebergs, and lots of lobster. The weather was downright cold, so wearing many layers, we hiked on many trails and had a great time.

Cindy got uptight really strongly once, but six spanks on her bare bottom made her see the stress free way as opposed to worrying about something. She has a very active imagination, and can dream up scenarios to worry herself, and this spanking put that in perspective to stop the worry. We talked about the topic rationally afterwards, and all was well.

With my encouragement, Cindy did flash me for pictures of her topless, twice on the same trail with different surroundings. The second time, some people came up behind us from around the bend about 45 seconds later, so no worries.

Do you take topless or more photos of your partner outdoors? (PS: this is NOT Cindy)
Does your partner take photos of your spanked bottom?  (As you can imagine, this is NOT me)

Enjoy life, and let your worries not interfere with living a full and happy life.

bottoms up

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