Do you use tumblr

Frequently (almost daily) I will check tumblr for some photos that have been posted.
It is very simple to start following certain types of photos posted by members, and many times I click the link to see who has originally posted it, and then use archive to see more of their photos.
Thus, I have quite an extensive library saved, that I can use depending on the topic I am writing about on any given day.
QUESTION NUMBER ONE: Does your partner know what you look at? Cindy has limited to know idea of what I look at.

Question number two: do you thin we should share with our partner what we look at?
Life is so much better  with the Internet, in terms of coming to grips with our sexuality, and having the confidence to share our desires with our partner.
This was not what happened in society when we were first married, more than 40 years ago.

PS: we have an amazing sex life together.

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Hermione said...

Hi Red,

Since we share a computer, it's no secret to either of us what the other looks at. We do use separate browsers, so that we can easily access our emails and bank accounts without having to type in logons and passwords. So I am not likely to stumble across what Ron looks at unless I open Chrome, and he wouldn't think of opening my Firefox. We share Edge for neutral things like CNN.


Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Hi Red,

My wife knows to some extent, because I forward her some of the more DD and FLR-oriented pictures and drawings I find and like. She does know about my blog, but has shown remarkably little interest in it.

Merryslave said...

Yeah, Merry has seen my Tumblr blogs, and all 16 or so of my blogs here on Blogger, with barely passing interest. She spends most of her computer time on FetLife.

Downunder Don said...

Hi Red,
Yes she does know what I look at and her comments are usually along the lines of "dream on old man".

Red said...

Hermione: HMMMM! Seems like Ron should take a peek at what you have open, and maybe you should have a peek at what he looks at. Could be fun1

Dan: Cindy also has little interest in my blog, and has never looked at what I look at on tumblr.

Merry: as long as she is having fun.. life is good.

Downunder: That might be Cindy's comments if she ever looked

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