being spanked in front of others photos

One can find every imaginable spanking phots, by looking on tumblr, without having to join any spanking website....  remember, these are staged spankings for photo shoots or videos. Everything I post I assume to be CONSENSUAL.
The idea is not new, as one has many vintage phots, as seen by the clothing and specially the hairdos.

Could this be two mothers spanking their 20 year old daughters, who thought they would never be spanked
A  spanking before dinner for these three fine ladies
 Three mother-in- laws spanking their respective daughter-in-law for not preparing dinner on time for their visit
 Daughter being spanked by father, for although she is 21, he does not above of how low cut her top is that she is wearing. This is a warning for the younger daughter, that if she lives a home, and is above  17, then she will be spanked if necessary. Mother is watching warily, as she had said the to was fine to wear, and maybe she will be spanked for permitting it.
 Party time, and the servant has made a very serious faux pas
 could it be musical laps, with another man waitng his turn for a lady to spank
Seems like everyone is enjoying this lady being spanked, and they are lined up waiting their turn to add more spanks

a fun time was had by all.

bottoms up


QBuzz said...

Lovely photos, especially the three ladies being spanked before dinner and Musicial Laps. Those are parties I want to be invited to!

Red said...

qbuzz: be certain to invite me also, but it might be us over the laps in musical laps
bottoms up