when you should run

Thought for today
When she is holding the cane and smiling, you know you are in for one good strong caning.
and being so long, you know it will wrap..
but when she is smiling and bending the cane
now is the time to consider fleeing
but if you do, then she will be more annoyed, and bending the cane massively when you return
whatever the reason
and no matter
how fiercely she is looking at you
do not run
bare your bottom
bottoms up
many photos came from


QBuzz said...

Mmm a photo of a well-dressed lady bending a cane makes my bottom tingle just looking at it!

Anonymous said...

I've never felt the cane, and don't desire to. But if Robyn ever wants to use one on me, I'll do what I do for the other implements. Bare my bottom and present her with a good target.

Red said...

qbuzz: makes mine clench in fear

archedone: as it should be. You might try purchasing one, but cutting a switch in the forest is equally as good
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

"A switch in the forest" - which I have been getting (again!) since the weather has improved - is always memorable, but J's rattan cane is worse, and leaves a more lasting "impression" on my backside...

Anonymous said...

Well, you did get a taste of the rattan cane this morning - after I read your comment :-) - but you can also expect a taste of the switch when we go for a hike in the woods tomorrow...