Advice for every man:
If your wife says
 You may be absolutely clueless of what you have done wrong
but you are about to find out...
could this be some sound advice???
 so just accept your spanking and agree you were wrong
because, you do not want to make your partner madder than they already are
bottoms up



kdpierre said...

The Al Bundy one made me snort my coffee! Thanks for the chuckle.

Anonymous said...

When I'm told to get ready to be spanked, I never argue just do as she says and accept the fact I'm going to have a red sore bottom soon. And if she feels better after spanking me, just maybe I'll have some good sex.

Anonymous said...

Pix # 5 is the sort of thing that often happens in our kitchen...

Joe said...

I think you found the perfect costume.

Anonymous said...

I relate to that last one!


Baxter said...

all very true. R gets pissed off at something I did and I typically have no clue what. Lately she has been pissed off and I ask her to calm down - like throwing gasoline on a fire. Oh well.

Red said...

kdpierre; glad it was coffee.
archedone: no point arguing if told you will be spanked, and the benefits are outstanding, whether immediately or a day or two later.
L: seems reasonable
Joe: wish it was me
Yorkie; as do I
Baxter: calm down is NEVER THE RIGHT ANSWER, unless you want to be spanked immediately
bottoms up