So many ways to keep the spice in life
 you could flash your partner unexpectedly
A man could go with his wife and choose some panties or more for himself
be naked and be proud at the beach (it is a thrill if you have never done it)
A woman could give the pizza delivery man a fun adventure

 be spanked outdoors and have the spanking witnessed...

What have you done for an extra thrill lately?
bottoms up


Joe said...

Love your posts Red they always make me laugh or give me an idea. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Red since you are on vacation I've a list of celebrities I have fantasy about being over there knee. Here is my top ten.
10 - Joy Behard of the view. Paddle
9 - Jenny Carfagno and Stephanie Abrahams of weather channel.
Both at same time with ping pong paddles
8 - Kennedy of Fox News - Spencer paddle
7 - Rosanne - hairbrush
6 - Rosie O'Donnell - cane
5 - Jane Fonda - hairbrush
4 - Hilary Clinton - hairbrush - I will bet Bill has got spanked
3 - Barbra Stanwick - Paddle - so stern
1 and 2 are a tie - they are both my top fantasy
Michele Obama - Hand - She could hand spank my bottom till I cried and certainly would love to do it to a slight built white guy
Scarlet Johansen - Hand - She also would have me kicking and bawling my eyes out begging for mercy
What you think of my top ten

Anonymous said...

sorry to say nothing exciting done out side for some time, it's been too darn cold and too much snow. A trip in the woods for a good belt spanking would be fun.

Red said...

Joe: glad youshare my sense of humor
anon; thanks for sharing
archedone: hope the weather has improved so you are spanked outdoors
bottoms up