the boating scene

With warm weather almost everywhere, time to get that boat out and take your sweetie for a row around the pond.
OF course, make certain you behave, as being on a row boat is similar to a walk in the forest...
How could you possibly imagine this Johnny Depp joke would be enjoyable to the ladies, unless you were Johnny Depp?
the outcome was predictable
instead of a switch, she will have a sandal that will make a significant impression
and you will be singing the blues
much to the enjoyment of her friend who came along for the ride
bottoms up


Joe said...

Yo Ho Matey good one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my comment is not related to your boating theme.

Has this every happened to you: On Saturday morning, as I walked upstairs to take my wife her coffee, she wandered out of the bathroom holding her hairbrush. My mind began racing trying to figure out what I might have done wrong. As it turned out, she was just brushing her hair. Its odd how we sometimes forget about that function of a woman's hairbrush.

Red said...

Joe: seemed too good not to make a post using it.
anon: you mean it can also have another usage??? who would have ever thought that
bottoms up