philosophy for a marriage

Just a few simple words
always remember

If you are wondering about me....
I LOVE Cindy's SCREAMING orgasms ,and she loves mine...... Actually, we both love our own also!
and there is always a solution if a problem occurs, without screaming

 bottoms up
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Anonymous said...

When she screams you were licking the right spot. Does screaming while you are getting spanked count?

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a nice vacation. I must say that I spent many a time being in the position like many these pictures are showing. I wife has been putting me over her lap and using the hairbrush on me for 50 years and there is no end in sight Still hurts just as much as much as the first time. I am 70 years old so you are never to old

Red said...

archedone: who knows... noisy orgasms are wonderful for both participants, and a sign of approval.

anon: I agree. Thanks for sharing
bottoms up