mature women spankers

There is something about a mature woman being the spanker!
She has probably been doing it for quite some time.
She knows precisely how to have the maximum impact with the smallest of efforts.
Her partner is used to the fact that he will be spanked, so no point trying to argue the point
If she states take off all of your clothes for your spanking
You very submissively take off all of your clothes
If she is annoyed and wants to spank you NOW, the fact that her hair is in curlers does not mean she cannot spank you
Your life changes when she realizes she needs to spank you to have a compatible relationship of love and kindness and respect
enjoy the ride! we do
Note: any woman old enough to spank you is mature
 and she will be effective

bottoms up



Baxter said...

good, showing mature women doing the spanking, not just young women. Both are fine, being in my 60s, an older woman doing the spanking is good stuff

Tomy Nash said...

Maybe it's becuase I'm old now,I absolutely prefer mature women spankers. So while I thoroughly enjoy the eye candy of young women, when it comes to real life, give me an older one.

And let us not forget someone's immortal words "any woman holding a strap or hairbrush is damn hot."

Red said...

Baxter; I agree. Young and older spankers are always delightful

Tomy: We agree, and those famous words from Aunt Kay are quite memorable.

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My first experience (when I was in my late 'teens) was with a woman twice my age - and thus, comparatively "mature" :-) Later on, N., J. - and I - grew to be "mature" together... :-)