holding him in place

Sometimes, a fun way to give a good spanking (and receive one), is to be seductively held in place.
Her arm is obviously reaching to hold his cock, while she administers a nice spanking making his bottom very red.

Has  your partner ever done this?

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Any idea which video the second image is from? I think it is a Nu-West video, but don't think I have seen it.

QBuzz said...

I have to say I'm very enamoured with the voluptuous lady in the top pic. She seems like the kind of woman who lets naughty gentlemen visit her after work so she can spank their bare bottoms until they cry real tears. Then she lets them pleasure her with their tongues (and if they're good boys) wanks them to orgasm before sending them home...

Anonymous said...

I've never been held in place or secured. I'm required to hold the position she wants me in or the spanking last longer until I do.

Red said...

anon: sorry, no idea
Qbuzz: she is a very gorgeous lady, as are all three
archedone: something new to try, and you might possibly need to suggest it
bottoms up