fun dominant female lead relationship captions part three

continuing on my merry way of other ideas to try
you might continue your amorous adventures
or maybe when he comes home from work these endearing words are saidbecause
she does know that
 unlike the look of unease she had the first time she was going to peg you
and readily even gets more adventurous
Have you ever tried pegging?

for some, it is commonplace
enjoy life
but this is a little extreme



Anonymous said...

When I hear she is going to peg me, instant erection. What a wonderful way to show my submission to her. There are also times I'll ask her to peg me, and it seems to go pegging once a week to sometimes once a month depending on her moods and what she likes. It's a fun way to play.

Merryslave said...

Short answer: yes.
We both enjoy it.

Red said...

archedone: it is a fun way to play
bottoms up

Red said...

merry: thanks for sharing that both people enjoy it.
bottoms up