fun DD thoughts for today

Although this is mostly a F/M blog most of the time, any spanking is always a fun activity to display..
Today could be for Cheryl, in case her and her husband choose to choose today to decide who spanks who.

The captions and ideas come from
however, the chair with a hair brush, or a chair with a belt, could easily mean the man will be spanked,
If I saw this, I would have the same reaction as Heidi.

 A hair brush look s so innocent to most people, but some know it's real purpose displayed on the table.
but, let us face facts, in this family, 99% of the time
Cindy sits on the chair
and I am over her knee
 and she is quite pleased with that arrangemnt
as am I
bottoms up

and, if Cheryl notices, actually the only person you seeing being spanked is a man.


Anonymous said...

Robyn has a very sexy bottom that begs to be spanked, but alas like with Red and Cindy the only bottom that gets spanked in this house is mine. Robyn also found if she is stressed spanking me helps her. I'm more than happy to give her that bottom to spank.

Anonymous said...

It is the same with my girlfriend, archedone. When we first met I spanked her once or twice, but she soon turned the tables and announced that in future she would be doing the spanking. When I see her bending over in tight panties I am sometimes tempted, but she has made it very clear that it is my bottom that is under her control and not the other way round.

Red said...

archedone: what a wonderful way to relieve Robyn's stress.
Richard: sounds perfect
bottoms up