fun bathing suits

When women choose to wear fashionable bathing suits, the pleasures of going to the beach improve immensely
 the beautiful thing
 is that women of all ages
 and shapes are willing to follow the trend
 so men are trying to always go one step further

enjoy the beach, even if the only topless are men.
 however, remark on the beauty, and the conversation might go like this
and women of all ages are willing to participate in this trend also
grin and bear it
because it is bottoms up time


Anonymous said...

The last time I looked too closely at a woman in a bathing suit, my girlfriend promptly gave me a few firm swats on my bottom!

Anonymous said...

There was a song back in the 50's, "Standing on the Corner watching all the girls". How about sitting on the beach watching all the girls wiggle by.

Red said...

Richard: a win win, but also a oops
archedone: that would be a great song, except it might say STRUTTING BY
bottom sup