follow me

Those few words, FOLLOW ME!
as she walks up the stairs holding that frightening strap, can strike fear into a man's heart
Do NOT lag behind, it will only be worse if you do
or, you see her finger pointing, and your face betrays your thoughts, which she so easily reads...says:
One should know by now the verity of this statement
A few words for yo to follow
or, for the fortunate man, your wife has been thinking of you,a nd purchased a present for you

bottoms up



Baxter said...

great pictures and captions, love the paddle and brushes

QBuzz said...

Anazing pictures. Would love to have an evening with each of these ladies and their implements!

Dan Mel said...

I hate those words. When my wife says follow me and lets get this over with or go get naked and wait for me in the bedroom strip right here and get this over.

Red said...

Baxter; The first lady in green. WOW, as are all of the ladies and implements

Qbuzz: only in my dreams

Dan: best to be spanked now, than having to worry about the promised spanking later today.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Early on during my first marriage -and when one of her friends was present-N. would march me upstairs and apply the strap or the paddle so that they could hear it (as well as my yelping!) but, soon enough, she decided I should be spanked or whipped under their eyes... which is the way J. does! I still do get marched upstairs - with no witnesses - when J. feels in the mood...

Anonymous said...

There is something special about marching you upstairs as I wield the cane, the martinet or the crop that will soon be applied to your derrière - and about the way you anticipate what I have in store for you! :-)