Everyone has there own idea of what this can mean...... Being older, we have our own idea of what this can mean

This is something that both of us REALLY LOVE. Whethe it be in the bedroom
 living room
it can be a wonderful memory by taking pictures for when you are older
 no hands seems like a bad idea
 and facetime does work both ways
 and the eyes looking into your eyes is a fabulous addition to the fun

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Never heard of it referred to as face time, but the pictures say it all. How erotic to be looking in her eyes while you orally bring her to a climax, or to look at each other while she gives you oral watching it slide in and out of her mouth.

Anonymous said...

The one time I know my wife would say - "Honey, your head is in the right place"


Anonymous said...

Fantastic posting!!! Fantastic posting!!
Nothing like a tasty pussy to make a naughty boy feel submissive. So much fun bringing her to climax this way!! In my own particular case, her orgasm is very fast and furious this way, especially if she has just whipped my fanny.

Red said...

archedone; delightful to look into her eyes in both scenarios
Matt: so very true
JayJay: delightful. Cindy and I love facetime
bottom sup