Does anyone know

A little fantasy of mine!

Being spanked in front of someone we know

and then  everyone enjoy learning the fact that I am spanked whenever needed

and having fun with suggesting scenarios where this might happen again,
Remember that time when he misbehaved while unloading the truck
So ladies, if he is ever annoying to you
just let me know and you can see his punishment
but if he is rude or disrespectful, you will help with is spanking
pleasant dreams
 bottoms up



QBuzz said...

Would love to be spanked in front of witnesses, especially my partner's friends/family!

Anonymous said...

I have had my bottom swatted in front of people we know a couple of times, but my girlfriend has never gone further than that. I sometimes imagine her putting me across her knee when we have company. I think it would be very embarrassing but at the same time maybe quite exciting!

otkloverjohn said...

Yes, but for me, it would definitely have to be a scenario where the witness also participated. Have had a double spanking twice, and it was sheer heaven/hell.

Dan Mel said...

Being spanked in front of someone is very embarrassing and humiliating. It has happened to me a few times.

Joe said...

A fantasy we both have Red, and I have discussed this with my wife not only a witness but also someone helping. She is against the idea right now but not too long ago she was against spanking me now she is enjoying it.Two spankings yesterday just because she felt like it. All thanks to your great advise Red THANKS

Anonymous said...

We agreed to do what the 1st picture showed other then pegging and yes Red Cheryl spanked me bare bottom with her sister listening.....not the 1st times that happened but darn as embarrassing and as humiliating as ever and when i totally objected i got it worse with a tiny piece of tape ib my wrists and ankles and over her new spanking cushion over the bed and did i mention since she cannot do over the knee she created this cushion complete with a velcro strap around my waist........THANKS RED FOR GETTING HER INTO THIS REMEMBER HER SITTING SMILING AT YOU WITH THE OBAMA IS ELECTED PAPER IN HER HANDS SMILING AT YOU.......ge0

Anonymous said...

N. (my late wife) was the one who first decided to spank me under the eyes of a few of her close friends (after having already told them that she did, as I discovered) - and one of them was J, whom I later married. J, in turn, naturally followed N's example and occasionally spanks me in front of some of her friends (two of whom had also seen me "getting it" from N.) but the main change has been with the addition of her sister B., who has been invited not only to watch, but also to deliver some serious spankings and floggings on her own!

Merryslave said...

I have the same fantasy.
I've been spanked many times at play parties with an audience, but not yet at home.

Anonymous said...

I've never had a person witness my spankings in fact no one knows that Robyn spanks me. But I think every spanko would love to be spanked in front of others and even have them help in spanking him/her. From what I have read some even go as far as letting others spank at will.
but for most it's only a fantasy.

juliesp said...

It is actually a very fun and empowering thing to do. I love displaying my dominance over my husband with another woman present and enjoying herself, laughing at the spectacle. There are actually a lot of women very willing to watch a spanking (even a bare one). So long as they stay dressed and just observe, it is amusing and enlightening. There is a trick in finding the right ones, though - you need to take it slow and lead with a lot of escalating hints! Many younger women (early twenties) seem up for anything by way of fresh experience in this area.

Baxter said...

I also have the fantasy of a double spanking, my wife and sister in law, as the two women I love the most would have a field day and I would be the lucky recipient of their love.

Anonymous said...

Pix # 1 reminds me of one of the first times when N. showed me how she kept L. in line...

Red said...

Qbuzz: I would not mind in front of certain people, but Cindy is TOO SHY.
Richard: I agree, it would be both
otklover: heaven/hell... I can understand that, but really you should not have the choice.
Dan: in addition, probably quite a significant spanking to show it being effective.
Joe: glad things are working so well for both of you, but beware what you wish for, you might just get it.
Geo: So very happy that you both enjoy spankings, both giving and receiving. It must have been fun for C's sister to listen to your spanking. I remember the photo.
L; One lucky man.
J: I can just imagine you smiling throughout L's spanking
Merryslave: seems like it will happen some day.
archedone: for most it is a fantasy. Maybe we should get together sometime while we are traveling. Do write privately if you care to share more info with me. However, I doubt Cindy would agree.
JULIESP: sounds delightful, and wonderful advice for everyone to follow if they want to do this. Thanks Julie
Baxter: maybe you should follow Julie's advice
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did smile whenever N. spanked or whipped L. under my eyes... and I still do when I do (unless I have reason to be angry) - and I also smile when B. is the one who administers the martinet, the strap, the cane or the crop!

Anonymous said...

Pix #1, 2, 3 and 5 pretty well represent some of the "sessions" I have been treated to by N. or J. over the years...

paul said...

Would love to be spanked and caned in public what would be really embrassing would be in front of y work mates imagine all the comments next day I well I can dream!