Your eyes can get you spanked!

When you meet some of your wife's friends
and quite innocently start a long conversation
Even her friend will suspect the real reason for the meaningless conversation
The folded arms and look says your wife knows exactly how to deal with your behavior
Maybe the friend will be invited to watch you be spanked for such rude behavior. The friend might delight in bending forward to give you a look will watching you apologize before your spanking.
And then the 'good news'
She can even delight in showing you how to maintain eye contact
 knowing what is about to happen
bottoms up
 these three come from www.wititudes.com



Anonymous said...

How embarrassing. They show some breasts, we look how can we not look. Then get spanked for looking and very possibly spanked by both. Very embarrassing.
and interesting LOL

Anonymous said...

My wife has never put me across her knee for looking at other women. She usually swats my bottom very firmly as soon as she sees me do it. That is quite effective!

Red said...

archedone: definitely interesting
anon: effective and fun is other people see you looking and her reaction
bottoms up