weight loss continued

The weight is once again slowly gong off, and today I was below 180.
However, in less than a week, we will once again be on a long transatlantic cruise, leaving from Galveston. Any readers on a cruise in less than 7 days from there?

The result was a short session with the short tawse, rather effective, then wonderful love making.

Life is wonderful.

Make certain you are enjoying it, and I hope that this wee blog helps amuse you.
And remember to FOCUS./... I thought BAXTER will like this next one ....



Baxter said...

WOW, you got me exactly on the list of PC phrases above. I am, as I age, more given to saying exactly what I want so there is no mistake, but of course in the office atmosphere, you have to be PC. Funny though that people DO know what I am alluding to when I couch my thoughts in a PC way. Thank you RED.
As to your weight loss, I bet you gain some on the cruise so that Cindy has to give you several spankings to get your weight back down. Gee, what a horrible thing. :)
Have fun,

an English Rose said...

Happy Holidays!!!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your travels and keep the noise down in your suite or you might get other offers of ladies that want to spank you.

Red said...

Baxter: glad you choose the PC method, while thinking the real thing you want to say... We will be walking quite a bit to try and keep the weight OFF!
Jan: thank you
archedone: sounds delightful, and we hope to have a great time.
bottoms up