thoughts for today

Thoughts for today
Spanking is one of them, and it is a  love / hate relationship...
The trepidation
the spanking
After the spanking
Sad that end art finished, but there is a wealth of THEIR lovely art work throughout the internet


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Anonymous said...

Spanking is a love/hate affair. I want it, then I know I'm going to get it and think am I nuts this is going to hurt. But I love it so much I can't get my clothes off fast enough. then I'm in position and I think why am I doing this? then the implement of her choice lands and I take a deep breath, and more and more spanks land. The pain, the sting, wiggling and kicking don't help, my bottom is on fire and being stung by bees. then it ends. my bottom is hot, it's sore and I can still feel the deep stinging like I'm still being spanked. then we cuddle and kiss and that leads to some very hot sex. Yes, now I know why I love being spanked.