thought for the day

Are you obvious when you want to be spanked?
Yes, please
I can imagine Ronnie doing this, if she took up needlework.
and face it, sometimes, we should just say
as one reader pointed out, I cannot find any art work or captions where the man is saying this...

 The smile says it all
Substitute man for woman wherever it applies to your family situation

bottoms up



  1. HI Red, hope you and Cindy are having fun on your cruise. I will admit to being pretty obvious....
    love Jan, xx

  2. Just my feelings but I think any one that is spanked male or female, gives off indications they desire a spanking. I know I surely do in little ways, and sometimes not little ways like laying our spanking belt out on the bed or even laying it on the sofa. And some times I even come right out and ask her to spank me.

  3. I have no problem letting it be known when I desire a spanking and have used the method in picture 1.

  4. I usually send a cute spanking meme via text message or email to tell her that I crave her and her spankings. The harder and longer the better. I had a couple of doozies this last weekend. Probably the best yet.

    I love that woman so much. She sure knows how to spank me.


  5. I simply say "my bottom is a bit cold.."
    She's invariably happy to warm it up for me.

  6. Jan: we had a wonderful time, and yes, sometimes you have to ask to be spanked, by doing naughty things
    archedone: always good to ask when you feel you need to be spanked
    Joe; sounds like a good plan
    Yorkie: glad it works for both of you
    Merryslave: that is a good idea, I must remember to try it sometime
    bottoms up


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