the stash

I imagine everyone who reads this bog has a stash something like these photos.
Do you keep yours in a box?
 these are all readily available in the kitchen?
Do you keep them in a drawer?

They only become worrisome if you happen to see then on the table at the door when you enter
 or possibly just sitting on a chair in the family room
or on the bed when you are getting ready to go to bed..
We keep ours in a black travel bag in our bedroom closet, but also hanging from hangers in the back of the closest for canes and other items that can be hung. Also, the bath brushes are in our bathroom

bottoms up



  1. My wife keeps a hair brush right on the end table in the living room.

  2. Most things like hair brushes, wooden spoons and such are in normal places but there is a wood paddle next to the bed at all times, looks like a miniature canoe paddle with painted decorations on it, so seems like a decoration but has another purpose. the Romeo & Juliet pic is great.

  3. We keep the spanking implements in a drawer in the bedroom, except for the cane, which is too long to fit and is kept in the closet. Also in the drawer are a few short lengths of rope and a leash which she sometimes uses to keep me under control.

  4. Oh dear! You read my mind! Yes, so true!

  5. All of our implements are in a small cabinet on her side of the bed. She has easy access to them or she can lay on the bed and enjoy me getting them out for her.

  6. Hello Red, Lindsay and I have collected a small aresenal of weaponry ourselves: 2x hairbrush, crop, paddle, spoon, cane, flogger. Only one ass to spank though....mine.

    Best wishes,

    Lindsay and Marco


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