Sunday Moon

A gif going around on tumblr is today's inspiration for a post.
Have you ever been mooned by someone you do not know?

Has your partner ever mooned you when in a public area, but no one around?
This is just a fun activity that always helps to keep the sex drive alive and well. It is so easy when out for a hike
however, a bare bottom does give people another fun idea
I have never seen Costco this empty, so this might be one employee
this has to happen often
 peek a boo
ideally, this will be possible

bottoms up



  1. I never seem to be where girls are mooning people, however I have seen my share of girls showing off their butt cracks.

  2. At the right time, Robyn and I have mooned each other. We both enjoy it. I don't think anyone has ever seen us.


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