special friends are awesome

Sometimes a friend is all you need
to give you advice and help you remember the advice
and if you both screw up, then you both get to share the results of the adventure, and the ensuing anguish
let the learning begin whether it be OTK
 or bare bottomed over a sofa
the result is the same whether you are over twenty somenthing
or more mature
The age old methods still work
bottoms up


Baxter said...

all bottoms can be naughty and regardless of age, need to be spanked. that is a scientific theorem, maybe. good to include mature bottoms in the blog.

QBuzz said...

Interesting idea... Do girls always have female special friends and boys have male ones?

Anonymous said...

I think friends are particularly important to spanking enthusiasts. My partner and I have met two or three other couples who use spanking. The husband from one of the couples says his wife is very strict, she spanks him on his bare bottom for the slightest misbehavior. It is always good to know there is someone worse off than you!

Tomy Nash said...

Or is he?

Anonymous said...

I didn't find out about that special friend to spank me, until after I married her. After that first spanking I fell in love with her all over again.

Merryslave said...

I agree with Tomy's question.
Is he really worse off?

Red said...

Baxter: glad we agree, and mature bottoms are delightful...

Qbuzz: I imagine the answer is yes, and sadly, one of my two best friends has passed away, and the other lives 6 hours away and we have basically lost contact.

Richard: sort of agree with Tomy and MerrySlave, but then again, I do NOT know how severe. We never leave bruises, nor is any blood present. If that is what happens, then I am happy not to be the husband.

archedone: just more in love than you could have ever imagined, which is our situation entirely.
bottoms up