practice make sperfect

The carpet beater has many functions
Practice makes certain it is effective for all occasions

Cindy does occasionally make exceptionally good usage of ours
which was sent to us by our good friend DANIELLE.

bottoms up



Baxter said...

Never been spanked with a carpet beater, but have heard it is breath taking.
Like the picture regarding warning labels and I totally agree with it. I have read some and thought that wherever it came from, the person who did it was an fing idiot. Like the dumb person who dumped coffee in her crotch and the clown who took a rotary mower and was cutting the top of his shrubbery. As I have said many times, common sense is not common anymore.

Anonymous said...

thankfully Robyn does not have a carpet beater. Not that she needs one, she had plenty of implements to use on my bottom.

Anonymous said...

Both N. and J. have occasionally used a carpet beater on my derrière, but I think it was for the "fun" of it - even though it left some serious marks...

Merryslave said...

We recently acquired a Deltin carpet beater from Cane-iac.
It's now her favorite weapon of ass-destruction and my uh least favorite!

Anonymous said...

Our carpet beater (which is the one that N had used, and which I "inherited" is the traditional (or old-fashioned) model, made - I guess - from reeds. It does deliver a good whack (though not as much as the thick "washerwoman's paddle") but there is something "spectacular" in the process of applying it! I sometimes consider using it in our backyard, but have thus far refrained from doing so...

Red said...

baxter: very true about common sense. you must try a carpet beater some time
archedone: always time for a new implement
L glad they had fun
Merryslave: delrin is frightening
J: seems like it might happen sometime in the future
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Not in _our_ backyard (unless I know the neighbors are away!) but, more likely, when we stay at my sister's place in Burgundy :-)