politically correct is just bullshit

Really! Many people are so easily offended!  Making fun of anything and everything is a Western Cultural habit that has been forgotten.
so, who can I offend today, as I long for
 the good old days
how about
 yikes, no aliens
 smile for the photo op!
how about we attack everyone about there pre-conceived opinions of thinking that something is wrong
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

politically correct means I'll tell you anything as long as you vote for me.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

I could not possibly agree more. Let's all go out and try really hard to offend someone today!

And, btw, Blazing Saddles in the funniest movie ever, ever, ever!

Hermione said...

I agree. How stupid is it to replace "man" with "person" at every possible opportunity? Love the pictures, especially #2.


Red said...

archedone: sadly, very true, and in Canada, the prime minister goes around apologizing for everything that has happened to everyone! Ther sins of our great great great great grandfathers should be judged by today's knowledge and social norms.

Dan : loved blazing saddles, and yes, I am a grumpy old fart, who is fed-up of being politically correct.

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Would it not be easier just to apologize for the Big Bang? That would cover everything that came after it.

Red said...

Richard: wonderful idea

Red said...

We great thinkers thunk alike (deliberate misspelling). Glad you enjoyed the post
bottoms up