on the road again

The travel lust is always strong, besides a few other lusts of mine that you may be aware.
We will once again be cruising, and the sights will be amazing
so for your entertainment I have left posts for two out of every three days more or less... I might say it was hard
and some posts do have the effect noted.

Rest assured, their will be both bikinis, and spanking implements
and as Europe is the destination, the beaches will be lovely when we visit them

Happy Trails, until we meet again...



Baxter said...

As I have said before, visiting the beach on the North Sea while in The Netherlands was a wonderful experience. Even with my wife and sister in law nearby, I was enjoying the topless women. Oh my.

Joe said...

Have a great trip Red. Beautiful pics.

Anonymous said...

It's Europe, it's a beach, and there will be breasts out. And that's no big deal. And that's really a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you two will have a great time, just as I'm sure Cindy will be tacking care of your bottom to keep you in check. It would be very difficult for me to go to a topless beach as I'd want to suck all those beautiful nipples. But I know if I did Robyn would more than take care of my bottom. And how does one walk around seeing those nipples and not get an erection?

ronnie said...

Red, enjoy and have fun.


Red said...

Baxter; beaches in Europe are great.
Joe: we did, and glad you liked the post
anon: absolutely true....
archedone: casually walking around, and it is simply natural and beautiful... with people of all ages topless.
Ronnie": thanks, and we had a great time
bottoms up