If we met J and L

A simple post to start off the week. It is a little sad that we don't actually visit other spanking couples, but we did visit once with Danielle and John. It is wonderful to meet other people.  If they are a spanking couple, that is an added bonus.
I wonder if J and L are actual people at times, but then everyone reading this blog can wonder if what I describe is REAL!

If we met J and L, and became friends, this scenario would be something that would happen eventually.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

First comment, I've been following and commenting on this blog for some time. the reason I keep coming back is what you put on it is real life and if it's not you say so. As far as meeting other couples into spanking I feel those of us into spanking have the same thoughts. I've said it before having someone seeing me getting spanked and maybe spanking me also would be interesting but will never happen Robyn and I have talked about it and she made it clear I can dream about it but that is it.

Joe said...

You are right it would be great to meet up with fellow spankers and be able to talk face to face. This form of communication always seems to be some what lacking.

Anonymous said...

I very much appreciate your blog. Concerning this topic: my partner and I have only met one other spanking couple. The wife is very strict, while we there she gave her husband ten hard strokes with a cane on his bare bottom. It seemed quite severe to me, but they said it was just a demonstration to show us their methods. When he misbehaves, she gives him twenty or more. After she had finished, she handed the cane to my girlfriend and asked if she would like to use it on me. She only gave me four on the seat of my underpants, but it really stung. I had never been caned before, it was enough to convince me that the cane is a most effective implement for a woman to use on a disobedient husband or boyfriend!

Merryslave said...

I have this same desire, to meet other spanking couples.
Merry is open to it, it just has yet to happen.

Red said...

archedone: too bad about meeting, you were one of the next couples I would post about. However, Cindy would have no interest in spanking someone else., but comparing thoughts and ideas is always possible.

Joe: agreed

Richard: most fortunate to have meet another couple, but no two couples play and discipline alike. Many implements can be severe, it depends on how they are used

Merryslave: we should talk privately sometime.(email me)
bottoms up