fun dominant female lead relationship captions part two

Who knows what kinks you and your partner avail themselves of......
Most men would find this photo amazing
so kissing her bottom would be equally enjoyable
and being under her dress even better
another small(?)  step further
followed by
enjoy life
If she is happy, seems worth a try ONCE

if this is a thing for you, then you should visit


bottoms up


Baxter said...

I like the second picture. Actually there is a picture somewhere of a woman naked bent over and all you see is her butt and legs, all the rest is behind. Great photo. But that second picture from the top, yeah, I could look at that a long time.

Merryslave said...

Merry's comment: lips that kiss me back there will never kiss me on the lips.

Red said...

baxter: enjoy, and come back often

Merry: everyone has their own desires and limits
bottoms up