an idea for a more effective spanking

As one wonders the spanking universe of photos, you sometimes see something you had not thought of.

After a person has been spanked, maybe they should be required to do some corner time holding the implement they were spanked with...
maybe even hold it pressing against their spanked bottom
The spankee can be lectured a little more.. with the one-sided conversation pondering the idea that maybe more of a spanking is needed (the look of dismay is readily seen)
but just the knowledge that your spanked bare bottom is on display will have a salutatory  effect on the spankee
lovely colored cheeks
Frightfully, you might be instructed to remain bent over, and the tawse left resting on your bottom....
Will you be questioned about how your behavior will change, and if the spanker does not believe your answer, will it once again be used now?
bottoms up



Baxter said...

these are good. one picture I have seen is a woman out in the back yard with her pants/panties at half staff and in her hands are twigs that will be used to give her a thrashing.

Anonymous said...

Never had to hold an implement after being spanked. Usually after spanking I'm told to get into the display position which for me is on knees and elbows with my spanked bottom on view for her to enjoy. One tine she had used a wooden spoon last and when I was put in display she laid it on my hips.

Anonymous said...

I have occasionally ordered L. to hold the hairbrush or the paddle I just applied to his derrière while he is serving "corner time" after being spanked. It mostly happens when the spanking has been witnessed by a close friend... or by my sister - and it does add to his embarrassment :-)

Red said...

baxter: glad you liked these.
archedone: OWWW... sometimes too tempting not to continue the spanking
J: very true
bottoms up