what do you see first

I wonder what you see at first glance?
the Strap or her (body, face, breasts, pussy)
the cane, or Her(body, face, pussy)?
her body and her look, or the cane/
 the wooden spoon, or her (body, face, pussy)
 so many implements, or her (body, face, breasts, pussy)
 her switch or her (body, face, pussy)
 the cane, or Her(body, face, pussy)
 the outfit she is wearing, her soncentration on the phone, or the hairbrsuh
 her clothing and stern look, or the wooden spoon?
if you noticed the spanking implement first, you are indeed a spanko.

bottoms up



  1. You just confirmed it Red....I'm a spanko. But after the implement I did look at all those beautiful pussy's.

  2. I think what I saw first was split between the implement and the face. I noticed the pussy, but would prefer hairy pussies than shaven.

  3. Yes I am a spanko but like to take it all in.


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