The benefits of laughter, and having a positive attitude in your everyday life are amazing.

Such an easy thought to make a man happy
 Men are truly such simple things.. most would love this beer glass
of course, this would be even better
keep smiling

and if your partner is deemed to be doing something inappropriate..
there are solutions

bottoms up


ronnie said...

Love the bear glass. Thanks for the smile.


Dan Mel said...

If I posted pictures like you did I would get the spanking of my life.

Baxter said...

How would a guy hold the beer glass properly? I am sure any way I did, my wife would give me a spanking.

Joe said...

Love the boobs and the glass. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Great one today, Red. I was never allowed to rub my bottom after a spanking until my late wife gave me permission, but sometimes I WAS allowed to "go, get in the corner, and hold your bottom!" It helped....at least a little. hee,hee


Red said...

Ronnie; you are welcome...
Dan: time to open a blog and re-post my photos and gifs
Baxter: beer and a spanking... sounds wonderful
Joe: you are welcome
Mark: thanks for sharing... I doubt holding helps, except protection from further spanks
bottoms up