Time again to re-visit a topic that I enjoy. I really like this first gif.

Being 100% honest, I enjoy wearing panties.
I am extremely fortunate that Cindy does not object. It is a non-issue, and she loves to see being a happy person, without inhibitions.
If I am involved in a sports activity, I wear normal underwear for men, because they provide more support, or if walking a lot during the day. 
I am encouraging Cindy to do something like this, as I find it ramps up my sexual feelings, and hers.
They feel sexy, and remind you that sexuality is a good thing.. I love doing things different than the norm, so going out wearing them is just a tiny bit of extra excitement.
and then
We have purchased the same panties, in size medium and large.... at Victoria Secret, while shopping together. I am certain the sales person knows, but is too discreet to check the sizes while entering the information in the check-out procedure
 If you have never tried it, and you a spanked husband, why not try it once and see if it does not also ramp up your submissiveness.
you could always start slow
With some panties, I wear them backwards, giving more support in the front, and really reminding you of your bottom, without it having been recently spanked.
Has anyone progressed to this...
Have I? Yes

remember to enjoy life, and keep doing things to increase your love, your sex life, and your happiness.
and always remember to smile

another day in the cold north


Anonymous said...

24/7 is how often I wear panties. I love the feel of them and Robyn loves the way they look on me. I have even wore them while swimming (we used to have a pool) there is nothing left to the imagination.

Anonymous said...

Love the post. It always makes me smile when I see others like to wear panties. If someone has any idea about women jeans for men sizing

kdpierre said...

Red, instead of turning the panties around , you might want to look into "pouch panties". (You can search that on Ebay and find a LOT....and none are terribly expensive.)

Good luck. All the best!------KDP

Dan Mel said...

I buy many panties at Victoria's Secret and the sales girls know if you're buying for yourself. They come up to me and ask if I need help then ask me what size I wear.

Dan Mel said...

It's hard to say. I wear a size 34 in men's jeans and in woman's jeans a size 12 or 14 depending on the manufacturer.

Merryslave said...

I was often wearing panties, even open bottom girdles and stockings, before I met Merry.
Nowadays I wear panties as the mood strikes me.
Merry comments, Yummy! But otherwise does not try to influence my choice of undies.

Anonymous said...

I've been a panty wearer for years, even to the doctor's office. Interestingly, when I used to visit my female doctor, she'd do the prostate exam and then have me cover up. When I wore my panties, which weren't anything special, just a pair of dark blue nylon bikinis but clearly panties, she never said to cover up and we spent the next several minutes chatting with me only wearing those panties...which she kept glancing at. Interesting as I also knew her socially.

Anyway, yes, I've bought panties in two sizes. One time the clerk said, "you realize these are two sizes, don't you?" (It was at Maidenform and she didn't want me to think the M on the tag meant "medium," she said.) I smiled and said "his and hers." "Well," she said, "just make sure you don't these in the dryer or yours will be her size when you take them out!"

If my late wife knew I was going to be spanked in the evening, she'd have me wear panties two sizes too small to remind me all day PLUS provide a nice target for later.

Thanks, my friend, for sharing those great photos!


Red said...

archedone; You have a wonderful wife who enjoys being adventurous. Great
anon: glad you enjoyed it.
Dan: thanks for the advice you gave to him.
KDP: thanks for the advice. I may try them sometime. However, backwards gives more support and softness, and also makes one aware of one's bottom, making it fun for Cindy to look at then lower for a spanking.

Dan: I do not go often enough for them to recognize me. (but I do stammer out something about looking for my wife, and that probably gives them a inner smile.

Merry; delightful arrangement
Mark: glad you enjoyed the post, and for sharing your adventures
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My wife hates the idea that wearing women's clothes is humiliating and would be a punishment for men. She believes strongly than wearing lacy panties, bras, skirts, and dresses is an honor that should be reserved for women only. She also hates the saying "who wears the pants" as being equivalent to "who is in charge." We both wear pants but, because she is the woman, she gets to wear a skirt when she wants to.

Red said...

anon: thanks for sharing.

ARCHEDONE: I could not find the second comment. Sorry

bottoms up