over the shoulder look

Some days you do something that is unacceptable,
The look, stopping in mid-stride says everything, without a word needed to be spoken
The determined look, while still walking, that says you are so going to be spanked when we get home
It might be the look of incredible surprise, that instantly becomes determination to correct the behavior
it might be the annoyance at being disturbed, or worse yet, told (TOLD... HOW dare you) to hurry
 The glance that says, you will be disciplined severely, BOY
The look might be saying:" I am sitting on the spanking chair! Why are you not disrobed and handing me the tawse immediately
 You entered without my permission... come here
and hear what you were not expecting
it is inevitable
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I think every one that gets spanked has seen those looks from time to time. Nothing needs to be said the look says it all and you know right away what is going to happen to your bottom when you get home. Don't even try to talk your way out of it, things will only get worse if you do.

Red said...

archedone; very true, I am certain every spanked person has seen the look
bottoms up