International Happiness Day : Naughty Tuesdays

So many things on tumblr, that sometimes I feel like posting off topic... how to make a fun day for her and you
 Hope you smile

and sometimes she might like cream in her coffee
so it is a win win situation
In addition, maybe on her yogurt
fair is fair.. she may give you the donut that you put  frosting on
cereal anyone

of course, for being so naughty...
a thorough spanking
followed by facetime

Hope you are smiling!



Anonymous said...

Some were funny and sorry to say some grossed me out.

Anonymous said...

Great posts today, friend! My late wife would have me put my own cream into my own coffee, never hers. She also was never reluctant to have me use my own cream as salad dressing, a particularly humiliating (but exhilirating) activity.

Thanks, buddy!

Red said...

Archedone: I guess the post was a little over the top
Mark glad you liked it
Bottoms up