mature women spanked

It is always delightful to see older women being spanked. Clare seems to be spanked much more often recently... delightful
 /the age play method is sometimes used to show a very much younger  (school uniform) woman doing the spanking
 but we can all realize that all models are over the age of 18( and most likely older than 21)
The idea is delightful for many reasons
one of which can be the humiliation (submissive) feeling being seen by a younger person with your bottom bared for a spanking. This then is magnified, when you see who will be doing the spanking. The young woman giggling because she knew she was going to spank someone, and now realizes it is her teacher/vice/principal, just adds to the submission.
Of course,  then realizing she is the one who will be spanking you is adopting a very stern manner
another reason is the women being spanked our more from our age group. (Many women spanking bloggers that talk about their spankings are at least over 30.)
so, one can almost imagine being spanked by their grown-up daughter
religious figures might be added .. like a nun spanking a mature woman
or a daughter in pigtails  spanking her mother or aunt

Enjoy the fun thoughts....
Inspiration time: Maybe some  people might like to write a little story for one of the photos.

bottoms up



Baxter said...

equal opportunity for mature women and men to be spanked as us mature folks do stupid things as well as any age. the scenarios above and others can be quite fun and erotic.

QBuzz said...

I certainly enjoy seeing mature ladies getting their fulsome bottoms soundly spanked! I consider 'enjoying' such images to be practice for when we are older and my partner still gets her curvaceous bottom smacked hard even though she is outwardly a highly respectable lady :D

Red said...

Baxter: I totally agree

qbuzz: sounds delightful... keep having fun
bottoms up

paul said...

agree with most of the above a lot of mature older women need thier bottoms soundly spanked some times just because their older does not mean they can not be naughty

Red said...

paul: very true
bottoms up