holding a spanked bottom

Instead of rubbing, have you ever just held your spanked bottom?
Does it help, as the spanker is obvious not sympathetic in the next photo
 Does dancing help?
 running away if the spanking is not finished is never a good idea, as for certain the spanking will be given again
 I wonder if the man is telling the spankee to get back into position

Does holding your bottom after a spanking give any consolation/
bottoms up

With spring here I see my neighbor is back to her    routine of stepping out in the early morning for a cigarette -   

She does this every morning at 6 AM!       

Damn I hate getting up so early.
Oh, about the dog…….

I really don't know what her dogs real name is –         
I just call him "Lucky"....


Dan Mel said...

I hold my bottom when I cab get away with it bit I don't think it helps.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall ever rubbing after a spanking. Maybe it's because I enjoy the sting.

Anonymous said...

After my last spanking (last week as a matter of fact) I actually held my bottom. It didn't do much though...


Red said...

Dan: it probably doesn't, but it is worth a try
archedone: very true
Yorkie: Must have been fun for your wife to see.

bottoms up