fun thoughts on spanking

here is a fun thought
maybe a spanking in front of the window

or outdoors
the fact that it is so easy to make a little bundle of switches
means you never have to hurt your hand again, unless you enjoy the feeling of spanking him bare handed
who knows, you might say at the beach: Come along, it is time for your spanking, then lead him to the shore
be imaginative... try using the patio
 the cane and embarrassment will be worthwhile
 and holding her bottom afterwards on display for a while
make certain the tree is not big enough for her to hide behind
however adventurous you are, take small steps to fun tmes
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I've been spanked outdoors many times and that picnic table looks a lot like one she has had me bent over and patio spanking many times. guess you could say there are times we could have been caught.

QBuzz said...

Being spanked in front of others is a huge fantasy for me but I'm not sure it'll ever come true :(

Dan Mel said...

I sent my wife the broom picture and ended up over her knee for a spanking.

Red said...

Archedone:fun adventures, and I think most people would say “ continue, don’t stop for us “ and Robyn would ramp up the intensity of your spanking

Qbuzz : it is one of my fantasies also

Dan: you are welcome. Glad to help
Bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Pix # 5 reminds me of the (many) times I have been spanked - or, more often, whipped - when we are out in the woods.

Red said...

L: makes for a hot time if the weather is cool.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

April (for us) is the opening of the outdoors "whipping season" :-)
ps: No "action" thus far, though...