Fun thoughts for today

Very woman is great!
This is why LADIES FIRST has always been a gentleman's comment
 and why we inform our wife(or girlfriend... do NOT say both) that she should practice often to be comfortable in high heel shoes
 and fun times can be anywhere, anytime
just like a man's spankings
whether outdoors
 or indoors

I have always been fascinated by trivia, and I thought you might be interested in this bit of trivia as well
where did the famous Texas  Longhorn logo idea come from?
I did not know this!
My role to teach you something new everyday has been accomplished

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

How beautiful watching a nude or two nude women walking away watching their bottoms swaying and making the watcher drool.
By the way nice heart did it take her long to get it done?

Anonymous said...

i love when women spank men

Anonymous said...

Especially with the long hair pulled up. Beautiful figures.


Baxter said...

i walk nearly a mile from the train station across The Loop to my office. everyday is a bountiful selection of sexy spankable bottoms , but I never get tired of watching carefully. good exercises for my old eyes. hahahaha

Red said...

archedone: not my bottom, but I thought it was a good photo. .. delightful to watch
Matt: long hair up or down, both are beautiful
Explorer: it is a rather good idea
Baxter: never to old to enjoy the view
bottoms up