fun beach views

I always love going to the ocean, and swimming in the water.

I also enjoy people creating their own rules of how and what to wear at the beach, as opposed to various religions that force the body to be covered.

Thinking back to photos of people in the 1890's, even men covered their chest at that time.

What was once considered appropriate, is just another norm that has been discarded.

We took nude photos of each other on the beach, but wish to remain anonymous, so only post phots from the back view of myself.

So many women wear bottoms that show some or all of their bottom, and I personally think this is wonderful, specially for anyone with a bottom fetish.

so here is my attempt at humor, with some beach photos.

Here is a photo of a new pier being built on the beach in Grenada. Another fun activity is to stroll from one end of the beach to another
fun phots of nude on beach abound on tumblr. This is one of them
The destruction was tremendous in St. Martin   Look at how this building has collapsed. Dang, these women keep getting in my photos

Some  people were taking pictures of each other with the ocean as a backdrop
and now my turn
a stroll in the rain
here comes the ferry in Martinique (another partial thong in the way)
 another beach view in Martinique (wonder why part of her bottom is RED)
 and waiting on the pier for the ferry to the other side (which you can see in the background0

bottoms up



Baxter said...

So you enjoyed taking pix of chicks in bikinis and nude and the end result was a spanking? sounds like a great vacation to me.

Anonymous said...

views on a nude beach can be fun. we lived in the South for a number of years and had a nude beach about 8 miles from our house. Sad to say Robyn would not go there nor would she let me. Um I didn't see you or Cindy in any of those.

Dan Mel said...

I'm in Clearwater Beach Florida right now and I just love all the thong and cheeky bikinis walking around.

Red said...

Baxter: I removed the spanking part, as it was not related to beach views. I do enjoy looking at women, and their is a story related to a couple of the pictures. I will relate it in a few days. IT is absolutely wonderful that people wear whatever they like, as opposed to conformity by religion or tradition. Cindy still wears a bikini, and looks great.

archedone; unfortunate... Cindy was very uncomfortable the first time we went, and slowly became acclimatized to the idea, just like spanking. She will walk the beach topless, occasionally (nude), and always goes swimming nude.

Dan Mel: must make a point of visiting Clearwater. Is it Spring break time?