captioned f/m spanking thoughts on marriage

Wish our marriage had started like this!
but, without the Internet, and being so naïve about life...we didn't know.. I should have asked Cindy so much sooner in our marriage, or even before we were married. She might have agreed.. but it took me quite a bit of time to convince her
Cindy was unhappy hurting me, but willing to spank me when necessary, and the benefits are awesome
Today's twenty somethings might, and I say might, be more open to the idea
 and a weekly routine is useful
however, any other problems need to be dealt with also!
 so, you will be happily saying
and the key for every woman who spanks their husband...
Be happy! You are doing something that is necessary to have a very harmonious marriage.
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Understand the following
bottoms up
I would have no problem with Cindy saying this...



Dan Mel said...

There was no spankings in my first marriage but my second marriage we had an agreement before we got married. We agreed she would be a female led relationship. I would be spanked when ever she felt I needed it. We also agreed on weekly maintenance spankings. She made a list of rules I had to follow and she can add to that list anytime she felt it necessary. It has worked out very well.

Anonymous said...

I think most of us that get spanked wish we had started sooner. I have to wonder of all the men that accept spanking be it for punishment, maintenance or foreplay. Was it mostly the men that asked to be spanked. I know I did, it made our relationship so much closer and now that Robyn has done it for a bit she loves it as do I.

Anonymous said...

re: pix#5 "Five minutes each week..." ? I'd gladly settle for that!...

Joe said...

I first asked to be spanked and wish I had sooner in out marriage. My wife at first was reluctant saying she did not want to hurt me, but as time has gone on she seems to be getting more comfortable seeing no lasting harm is done. She even says it's time I was spanked at times.

Red said...

Dan: thanks for sharing, and very happy this marriage is working well for both of you folks

Archedone: a good question for a post. Who decided that you should be spanked?

L: I think you would be very unhappy ☹️ with that arrangement

Joe: delightful! Thanks for sharing
Bottoms up

Anonymous said...

L. knows that he can expect to be spanked or whipped more than once a week (on average) - and that those sessions, typically, last more than five minutes... except for the "reminders" he gets over the weekends when he fails to adequately perform his domestic chores!

Anonymous said...

Those "reminders" can be quite sharp, though! I got four of them this weekend: two on Saturday and two again on Sunday! J. used the wooden spoon, the martinet, the strap and one of her maple switches. I hope to go through the rest of this week w/out her needing to "reward" me again, but...

Red said...

a hot time in the old town last weekend

Anonymous said...

Today was Maria's "day in" - and I did manage to avoid any punishment from her!... but, later, J. was aggravated by the way I responded to one of her observations... and I got a taste of her hairbrush!

Anonymous said...

Picture 4&5 are nice! Having your wife scissor your legs while spanking you is amazing! You are not getting away!!!