Another hint that you are about be spanked

The hints are all around us.
You might be out for a walk, and all of a sudden you realize your partner has stopped walking, and you look at her..  the look is inscrutable (I think NOT)
The folded arms, and the stare tells you that you are in deep trouble
She is a little saddened by your attitude
you can almost read her mind, and it is saying : "that behavior has earned you a SPANKING"
You might try to argue that you have not done anything worng, but she has already tuned out your pleas
and is a little saddened by the fact you tried to argue your way out of your spanking...
but soon she will be happy again,   as you hear those words : Here boy, over my knee"
and we can see her delight (unfortunately you cannot) as she reddens your bottom
if she was very unhappy, you maight then have to strip to continue the spanking.
and then spend some quality time thinking about your behavior while facing the wall
Be certain to avoid creating a situation where she folds her arms as shown ...
many photos came from https://perfecthusbandismadenotmarried.tumblr.com

bottoms up



Baxter said...

while experience - 34 years of marriage -won't always be your insurance policy against doing/saying stupid stuff, it will help you know when you have done/said something stupid. it is kind of a gut feel thing. you may apologize, but what will be the actual reaction? a loud yelling/reaming out? spanking? both? neither?

Anonymous said...

Cheryl said no spankings unless I follow her new health and exercise rules Red, Take my meds, Take a walk, Take some weight off......"do this and you will see me in my hose, heels, short tight skirt and the hairbrush in hand......My Blood Pressure is under control, I have been walking and exercising and have lost 4 pounds......yes she held her side of the bargain and I am sitting here in my PJ's with a very sore bottom but a very happy heart.

Red said...

Baxter; When you know, it is probably better to just get the spanking implement to solve the problem. (and every male cannot go forever without doing or saying something spankable) I will follow my own advice now, having upset Cindy before.

George: I am so very happy that you bouth have found your happy place with spanking.

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I only get "hints" about an impending spanking when we are out with friends, in a party - or at the mall. Another "hint" is when J. deliberately leaves her hairbrush on a chair, or by our bedside. In any of these instances, I know the "hint" will be, sooner or later, be acted upon - and that my derrière will feel the effects of her disciplinary skills!

Red said...

L: frequent spankings stop many people from misbehaving, most of the time
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

L. is frequently spanked - but still frequently misbehaves...