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This topic always confounds me. I know that some of my male readers are required to wear one, and accept wearing it, as part of a FEMALE LEAD RELATIONSHIP. 
WOULD YOU WEAR ONE, IF COST WAS NOT RELEVANT , AND YOUR PARTNER DESIRED YOU TO WEAR ONE FOR SOME AMOUNT OF TIME (AN HOUR, DAY, WEEK, ...) I imagine it is about control, being in charge, and being submissive.

Why would anyone want to wear a chastity device? 

 Of course, by now you have figured out that this is not what you were thinking when you saw the title of the post.

Look at tumblr, and type in the word chastity, and you will get photos of both men and women wearing chastity devices

I can agree with the idea that is in the next caption
 and that being submissive in new and adventurous ways is exciting
but we have never played with chastity devices.

Would a woman be happy wearing one? Probably yes, for a photo shoot that pays large amount of money
 but this might be her reaction to her husband's GIFT
 Mutual could be interesting

If it was inexpensive, and Cindy wanted to try for a few hours, I would agree as trying many things once is not a problem. However, the costs are high, and the problem of getting the right size is a difficulty.

in addition, we love making love and orgasms, so why deny ourselves.

your thoughts????

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Anonymous said...

I find a chastity belt or device degrading. If it's consensual, so be it. Personally, I am against it.

Marco (from Lindsay).

QBuzz said...

I do not like the idea of a chastity device but I do like the idea of a dominant female being in charge of when and where I cum!

Anonymous said...

I think chastity devices have an appeal to people who may also enjoy more of a bondage aspect. A chastity device could be viewed as wearable bondage. I've also read comments that said men in chastity were more attentive to their spouse and that their ejaculaton was much stronger when it was aloowed to happen.


Downunder Don said...

The chastity that is in your head and not dependent on any physical devise is the most powerful of all

Joe said...

While it would not be my first choice if T wanted to play sometimes I would go along as long. I do like her being in control but would not want it for an extended period.

Dan Mel said...

I am required to be in chastity and after I got used to it I love it. It does make me more attentive to my wife and I feel more controlled and loved and when I do get released my orgasms mind blowing.

Baxter said...

I really don't understand chastity devices for male or female. And as far as being attentive to my wife, I have a wedding band that has been on my finger for over 34 years and we have a great marriage. When we are both in the mood for sex, we just have it, no weird devices to remove.

Anonymous said...

There would be no chance for us. I am not interested in chastity and neither is my wife. After all, what did we get married for?


Merryslave said...

Merry and I both have a "thing" for chastity devices on me. It is consensual, ie, she doesn't "command" it, we talk about it. She considers it to be denying herself as well as me. We do not go long periods with me locked up, the longest was a bit over two weeks.
Fact is, I'm locked up right now, with March 6 being six days.

Anonymous said...

We have looked at different chastity for me. It is not Robyn's cup of tea. I would not care to have one but if she insisted I would try it.

Red said...

Marco; yes, I can see it would be degrading, but only if other people knew besides Lindsey. I see it as another form of being submissive, but one I would not like to experiment with beyond an hour or two as an experience. The exciting games you and Lindsey play might be seen as degrading by others.

qbuzz: an interesting take on the subject, one that would fit with a chastity device being worn.

Matt: interesting readings. wearable bondage, and yes, the longer between orgasms, the stronger the flow, up to a point. However, infrequent orgasms is unhealthy.

downunder don: very true

Joe: we agree

Dan: thanks for sharing the viewpoint of a person who is locked.

Baxter: agreed. However, you do dabble in real spankings, and fantasying about spanking women in your office or daily life, so if it helps rock the boat...who knows

yorkie: very, very true..

Merryslave: the key part is being consensual, but two weeks is too long for us. Hope you are unlocked soon.

archedone: only if Cindy insisted.

thanks everyone... amazing responses..
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I would like to add a little more. I would like to try a cage just to see how it feels not for long term wear. and as I've said before I wear panties and when I help clean the house all I have on is panties. I wonder how it would feel to just have a cage on? Would I try and get hard?

Merryslave said...

The key, so to speak, to a well-fitting cage, is that you might TRY to get hard, but you can not. If it fits correctly, the ring at the base and the cage will prevent erections.

Merryslave said...

Red: I did say, the longest time was two weeks. Merry was out of town for 8 or nine days of that.
Typical time is during my work week, when I'm too tired to get frisky, anyway.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ohhh yes

Anonymous said...

point taken,,

Red said...

The Explorer: glad you liked the post and the comments. Any information about your lifestyle that you would like to share, either by a comment or a private letter to me?
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: hopefully Merryslave answers help... just how do you obtain a well-fitting cage is the problem.
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