adventurous Tuesdays: cell phone fun

This should actually say 50's and 60's
A thought I put out there every now and then! Our bodies are beautiful, at every age and stage in life. We, as bloggers, want to keep our identity private!.
However, maybe at least one ttwd woman spankee might like to post a photo like this, without showing any face, or other obvious surroundings. Strict Julie does, as do I, and I believe it gives a person more confidence when looking at themselves. I still take topless and more photos of Cindy, and they ae wonderful, and she is beautiful. Soapbox speech has ended.
Enjoy the post
Now, you can never really know if these are paid models sending photos of their bare bottom
but it is fun to imagine
and think back to your days
in university
 and your early 20's
 maybe sticking her tongue out was to ask you to make her bottom the same shade of red as the rest of her is
 enjoy the thoughts
 and shouldn't some of our lady spankees be sending a photo to their husband.
sounds like a sure-fire method to be rewarded with a spanking.
enjoy life



Anonymous said...

Back in the 50' & 60's we didn't have the great camera's we have today. Film had to be developed and who knows if the developer made prints for him/her self. Today click a picture put the chip in your computer and send it any where you want to or just send it from your phone. Nothing wrong with private shots no faces or property than can be seen.

Joe said...

Beautiful Red just beautiful. I take pictures of T also and in fact as a recent present she just had a professional models shoot.

Red said...

archedone: this is definitely an improvement over the 'good old days'. It has permitted people to be more EROTIC.

Joe: delightful... I wish Cindy would let me publish some of her minus any facial recognition... If T would permit, and desire to be "published{" minus identifying facial features, do le tme know.
bottoms up