adventurous nude photos of amateur women and men

As the saying goes, Life is a BEACH....  and fortunately in Europe, and the Caribbean, a people can enjoy the freedom of being naked outdoors
I find the above very funny, but have never seen anyone with an erection on the beach
Here are a few clothing optional beach photos (including myself but NONE of Cindy), and sites you can visit
You can find people of all ages enjoying being naked
age is it's own reward
The beauty of a clothing optional beach is YOU CHOOSE!!!!!!
One man above chose to wear his bathing suit
Sadly, the Caribbean was not it's usual hot weather this year, and a cool breeze permitted you to stay in the sun forever, with suntan lotion on. You could walk the beach without burning your feet, or even feeling HOT! I can just feel the sympathy oozing from all those northerners who spent January and February with snow storms.
and as this suggests
here's looking at you

remember, it was cool, and REMEMBER George's comment on SEINFELD:

Women know about shrinkage, when you have just been in the COLD WATER.. they know about shrinkage.. DON'T THEY"

and here are some tumblrs of ordinary people (not posed models of a certain age group) 

enjoy life



Anonymous said...

Great post Red. How can one not enjoy being on a nude beach looking at all those beautiful naked women, and I'm sure they enjoyed looking at you. Just a side mention your bottom looks very unspanked. Yes the warmer places I the winter are nice but from my experience having lived in FL for a number of years, in the winter time the only ones on the beach are the tourists the locals feel it's too cold.

Joe said...

Love this post Red we both love being nude when ever possible but living in the north does limit this somewhat. Please keep up the great work.

Red said...

archedone; the cane marks showed only depending on the camera angle, and light. They were not bright red. Yes, I swim in the ocean in Florida during the winter. All people are beautiful without clothes, as you only see them, not their style of clothing, nor their riches.
Joe: thanks...always friends , even if we disagree on some things

bottoms up