The finger

The finger states everything, by just a simple motion
 the come here is undeniable
 exactly where?
that too is undeniable

the result that will happen.. hmmmmm I wonder
yes, that appears right

even superwoman can be spanked  (www.shadowlane.com)
bottoms up
 always remember to smile



Dan Mel said...

I hate the finger. When my wife motions with her finger then points to her knee chills run through my spine.

Anonymous said...

Happy Eve of V - Day and Red thanks for the picture I pointed my finger to G and he was over my knee with out word and I spanked his bare cheeks and honestly loved it and really had no reason.....LOVE THE NEW GAMES WE PLAY AND THANKS FOR THE SPICE AND COLOR ADDED TO OUR MARRIAGE AND TO OUR BOTTOMS...........Cheryl the wife that spanks.

Baxter said...

love the pictures, especially the fifth one from to top, her pouty look masking how pissed she is and oh that paddle.

Anonymous said...

I certainly know what the finger means. I had to learn the hardway

Anonymous said...

I have learned the meaning of J's range of finger signs - including snapping her fingers when I don't respond quickly enough - but she also uses her fingers to grab my ear to lead me to the place she has chosen to "deliver"...

Red said...

Dan: it is just so very effective, as no words are needed, and no rebuttal possible.

Cheryl: glad to know you are both having fun, both spanking and also being spanked.

Baxter: that paddle with a unhappy wife is quite frightening

anon: happy for the both of you

L: wonderful how effective fingers can be
bottoms up