road trip

sometimes, you might let your wife drive while on vacation... Do be careful.. this could be your fate...

However, your driving might cause her to ask you to pull over for a short stretch.  

Just be happy that she does not have a friend in the car at the time...
bottoms up



  1. yeah the first one is right on. I have been known to make comments or sigh heavily when my wife is driving and it has ended up with yelling and a spanking.

  2. If your wife is driving the best advise is to relax, close your eyes and take a short nap. Discussing her driving will lead to her having a discussion with you while she is spanking you.

  3. Baxter: no need for the yelling, but a great need ofr the spanking

    archedone: very true
    bottoms up

  4. J. doesn't like to drive - but she is quick to fault me when she thinks I drive recklessly, and this has led, over the years, to a number of times when I have been ordered to pull over to a countryside road so that she could administer the bare-bottom spanking she felt I deserved. Once (in France), I was spanked on a hilltop above a sleepy village - but, if we are close to the place where we will spend the night, she may want to wait until we have checked in our hotel room to deliver the "needed" punishment...


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